November 20, 2009

November Wine Tasting

November Wine Tasting

10% discount on all tasting wines bought at the tasting! Or, within the week.

The Wines:

We have 2 distributors dueling it out! Geoff Sturgis of Nappi Distributors VS. Tabitha Blake of Crush Wines

Geoff’s Wines:

The Whites:

Sigura Vidas Brut Riserva Cava (Spain) $9.99 – one of the BEST value sparkling wines anywhere! Brut Reserva is a cuvée of Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel-lo grapes grown in the renowned Penedès region of Spain. The wine is vinified according to méthode champenoise technique and is aged in the bottle for up to 2 years. This fine cuvée is fairly crisp with an interesting floral note and mouth-pleasing sensation of creaminess. Blend of 50% Macabeo, 35% Parellada & 15% Xarello.

Cave de Turckheim Vin d’Alsace Pinot Blanc 2007 (France) Reg. $16.99 Sale $14.99 - I like this a lot! Pinot Blanc is a close relative of Pinot Gris (Pinot Grigio), which in turn is a close relative of Pinot Noir! Pinot Blancs have subtle aromas - they are not boldly aromatic. Subtle aromas of apples, pears and minerals. The flavors in this wine tend more to the minerally side with subtle fruit notes (apples and pears) and a hint of nuts (maybe almonds). Lively acidity. Crisp, zippy finish! Food pairing - smoked fish, shellfish, ham, Thanksgiving Dinner, poultry, etc.

Casa Lisa Verdicchio “Tufo” 2008 (Italy) $13.99 - One of Italy’s greatest white wines, this magnificent Verdicchio has been created by the renowned Zaccagnini family in small quantities from their hillside vineyard above the medieval town of Staffolo. It is superb in its youth and grows more flavorful as it ages. Displaying intense straw-yellow colors with gleaming emerald hues, it has a stunning and elegant bouquet of apricots, acacia, and wild flowers. Food pairing – great as a cocktail wine, it accompanies seafood, shellfish, white meats, risottos and salads.

Montinore Estate Pinot Gris Williamette Valley 2008 (OR) $14.99 - Lovely wine at a great price! This is very refreshing and crisp! Aromas of pears, apples, lemons and floral/herbal notes. Flavors of tropical fruit and apples & pears. The finish is dry and crisp with hints of tart apples and minerals. 100% Pinot Gris. Stainless steel fermentation. 7,176 cases made. This winery began farming in a sustainable way in 2001, moved to organic farming and has recently been certified biodynamic. Food pairing – halibut, roasted chicken and sipping on its own.

The Reds:

Domaine des Remparts Côtes d’Auxerre Bourgogne Rouge 2005 (France) $19.99 - A GREAT, GREAT value and a bargain Burgundy that tastes like Burgundy! What an oddity! We love this! Aromas and flavors of red and black berries, cherries, red currants, leather and baking spices and a little earth. The tannins are soft. 100% Pinot Noir. Aged in large oak foudres for 9 months before bottling. This family has made wine for 19 generations! This will age well for at least another 5 years, and it is drinking great right now! Food pairing – poultry, beef, lamb, stews, many cheeses. Thanksgiving Dinner!

Montinore Pinot Noir 2007 (Oregon) $19.99 - Very aromatic with notes of raspberry, Bing cherry, cranberry and baking spices with hints of rhubarb and mocha. This is fresh and ripe with more cherry, raspberry and spice and subtle notes of earth and mocha in the flavors. Nice long finish. This is drinking well now and will age nicely for 3-4 years. This winery began farming in a sustainable way in 2001, moved to organic farming and has recently been certified biodynamic.

Cave de Bonnieux Les Safres Luberon 2007 (France) $11.99 - One of the best values in the store! When Geoff brought this by, we flipped over it! From a GREAT, GREAT vintage in Southern France. Classic Rhone flavors and aromas of wild berry fruits (raspberry, strawberry, blackberry), currants and Provencal herbs. This has a little of what the French call “garrigues” (that herbal scent that fills the air in Southern France). 60% Grenache and 40% Syrah. Stainless steel fermentation and aging. Food pairing – lighter meats, cold cuts, charcuterie, salads. Thanksgiving Dinner. Grilled chicken. Tuna. Salmon. Mushrooms and rosemary.

Klinker Brick Winery Zinfandel 2006 (California) $19.99 – Geoff and I first tasted this Zin a couple of years ago at a trade tasting….I ran into Geoff when I arrived and said, “What should I try?” He pointed at this wine! Big and ripe, with great fruit and balance, this has berry pie aromas and soft, spicy cherry and blackberry flavors. 20,000 cases made.

Tabitha’s Wines:

The Whites:

Fattoria Il Gambero Mercuzio Chardonnay (Italy) $16.99 – this is 100% Chardonnay and it has a little frizzante to it – a little effervescence! That means it is a little sparkling! I know nothing about it! It’s new! Tabitha wanted to taste it!

Le Brujo Macabeo Calatayud 2008 (Spain) $12.99 - Bewitchingly good! If you have guests, buy 2 bottles….they’ll disappear like magic! Just a wonderful wine to drink! Medium-bodied, crisp, zesty, clean and fresh! Great aromas of citrus and tropical fruit and a little minerals. Unoaked…well-balanced fruit and acidity. Long, pleasing, juicy finish. 100% Macabeo – this is one of the grapes used to make Spanish Cava. The grapes are grown high in the mountains. Stainless steel fermentation and aging. Biodynamic farming. Food pairing - Great with grilled or broiled fish, chicken, cheese and as a party wine! Drinks great with or without food!

Napa Station Sauvignon Blanc 2007 (California) $14.99 - The Sauvignon Blanc is lively, crisp, clean and bursting with citrus notes along with honeydew and nectarines. Sustainable farming. 90% Sauvignon Blanc and 10% Semillon. 2,010 cases made. Stainless steel fermentation on the lees (not stirred). Food pairing - perfect as an aperitif, served with grilled seafood, Thanksgiving Dinner, chicken or light pasta, as well as spicy Asian and Latin dishes.

Skylark “Alondra” Chardonnay 2008 (California) $16.99 – This is Chardonnay the way I like it! Clean, fresh, refreshing. This sees no oak and no malolactic fermentation – so this is lighter, cleaner and more food-friendly than most California Chardonnay. Aromas and flavors of pears, tropical fruit (pineapple, mango and guava). This is silky smooth and has a nice long finish. Organic farming. Food pairing – Thanksgiving Dinner, seafood, lobster.

The Reds:

Le Brujo Garnacha Calatayud D.O. 2008 (Spain) $11.99 - Smooth, spicy and easy! This will cast a spell on you! Wonderful berry fruit flavors and aromas with a nice hit of peppery spice. Soft tannins. Nice fruit. Clean and smooth finish! 100% Grenache. Old vine grapes (50 years). Stainless steel fermentation and aging. 7,500 cases made. Biodynamic farming. Food pairing – Grilled chicken or pork. Pizza. Tomato sauce dishes! Drinks great with or without food! Organic Farming

Latitude 34 Malbec 2008 (Argentina) $12.99 - This is a great bargain! Aromas of wild dark berries, and flavors of blackberry, blueberry and spices. It's a perfect example of a South American wine that's powerful, rich, and bargain priced.

Slingshot Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 (California) $24.99 – Winemaker Stephen Test used to be the winemaker at Merryvale. Slingshot Winery Cabernet Sauvignon is 100% Napa from three different esteemed vineyards. Primarily from the Julianna Vineyard in Pope Valley, this expressive Cab delivers the rich, upfront fruit of the northern Napa vineyard with the darker tones of the two more southerly mountain vineyards (yes, the vineyards make up a large component of another wine in our portfolio that is four times the cost – hint hint). Flavors and aromas of berries, black cherries, vanilla, coffee and dark chocolate and caramel. Aged for 22 months in French barrels, 30% new.

November 6, 2009

November Wines of the Month

Chocolate & Wine Tasting at Wilbur's & Simply Divine Brownies

Wine & Chocolate Tasting
Thursday, Nov. 5th

Simply Divine Brownies & Wilbur's Chocolate are hosting a tasting at their store on Lower Main Street.....this is across the parking lot from Freeport Cheese & Wine. It's free and it will feature wines from Mariner Beverages. Phil McCormack from Mariner Beverages will be there to talk about the wines!

Any of these wines that you purchase from Freeport Cheese & Wine will be 10% off!

The Wines:


Santome Prosecco (Italy) $14.99 - This is a dry Processo with nice minerality, fruit and a great price! Perfect for Thanksgiving Weekend, smoked fish, a fruit tart and more!

Trevisol Rosecco (Italy) $18.99 - Made by a Prosecco producer, this can't be called "Prosecco," because it has other grapes than just Prosecco in it. This has nice red berry fruit and great bubbles with it. Try it with dark chocolate!


Sun Garden Riesling 2007 (Germany) $11.99 - A fruity, off-dry crowd-pleaser! Aromas and flavors of nectarines, grapefruit, peaches, oranges and apples! Light-to-medium body with lots of juicy fruit. Subtle, delicate minerals. Clean finish. Food pairing - Goes well with salads or spicy foods such as Thai, Mexican, and Cajun. Try it with seafood, poultry or veal in a cream or spicy sauce. Wine Enthusiast, “Best Buy”

Marchetti Verdicchio Dei Castelli di Jesi Classico 2006 (Marche, Italy) $13.99 - This is one of the best Mediterranean whites under $15 I've ever tasted! Wonderful citrus and mineral flavors and aromas. This also has notes of green apples and tropical fruits. Vibrant acidity and loads of minerality throughout the wine. Picks up a little nuttiness (almonds?) on the finish. Long, crisp finish! Maurizio Marchetti, the winemaker, only uses the best grapes (most years he gets no more than 1/2 a bottle from a single vine). 2,100 cases. Food pairing - seafood, shellfish, swordfish, etc. Great with poultry.


Pierre Ponnelle Pinot Noir 2007 (France) $12.99 – nice combination of “Old World” earth and a little funk and “New World” cherry fruit! Pinot Noir is great with Thanksgiving Dinner!

Marchetti Uve di Montepulciano Rosso Conero D.O.C. 2006 (Marche, Italy) Reg. $18.99 Sale $11.99 - A wonderful wine from the Marche! Aromas & flavors of vanilla, dried berries - raspberries, cranberries & blackberries, dark plums & spices (pepper & baking. Well-balanced acidity & tannins. Medium-bodied. Long, smooth finish. 90% Montepulciano & 10% Sangiovese. Aged 18 months in older Slavonian oak barrels & 2 months in the bottle. 2,500 cases. Organically farmed. Food pairing - roasted poultry, grilled meats, rich vegetarian dishes, etc.!

Klassen Calaveras County Merlot 2005 (California) Reg. $17.99 Sale $14.99 - We bought the last 5 cases and got a great price! Wonderful! This is a big, rich AND smooth Merlot! Aromas and flavors of black cherries, dark chocolate and more. This is wonderful! Grown at 2,100 feet and allowed to properly ripen, this wine shows what Merlot can do in the right hands! Mostly Merlot with a touch of Petite Sirah and Syrah. This will age well through 2010 and is drinking well right now! Food pairing - Dark Chocolate! Roast, fowl, rich pastas and stews.

Newsome-Harlow "El Portal" Petite Sirah 2006 (California) Reg. $24.99 Sale $12.99 - Why is this so cheap? It's the economy! Try being a small, unknown winery from an obscure area priced at $25 in this economy! So, they lowered the price! This is one BIG wine! Lots of weight and heft in this bottle! It's Petite Sirah with 15% Zin thrown in for fun! This has a lot of big, dark fruit without being sweet. Add in aromas and flavors of vanilla, chocolate and baking spices (Cinnamon? Nutmeg?) and you've got one weighty, complex wine! Up in Calaveras County, in the California Gold Country, this new winery is putting out some MAMMOTH wines. If you like your wines BIG & BOLD, you'll like this! Food pairing - Dark chocolate! Steak, lamb, a Wolf Neck Farm beef hamburger!

Dessert Wine:

Trentadue Alexander Valley Chocolate Amore Port (California) $26.99 - If you are looking for a wonderful dessert wine for Valentine's or any night, try this! This is like drinking a dark chocolate-covered cherry! This is a well-balanced's not syrupy (nice acidity balancing the sweetness). 100% Geyserville grapes. Merlot-based, Port-styled dessert wine with natural chocolate. Food pairing - drinks great on its own! Pour it over vanilla ice cream! Makes a killer martini (equal parts Chocolate Amore & Vodka, 1/2 a jigger of fresh orange juice & Cointreau)