July 21, 2010

July Wine AND Beer Deals

Lots of wine and beer deals from the distributors!

Wine Deals


Beaumont des Crayères Grand Rosé Champagne (France) Reg. $49.99, Sale $19.99
– This is so good, I probably shouldn’t sell it. I should keep it and drink it! I’d never heard of this Champagne producer before. This is a beautiful salmon color rather than being a pink rosé. The winery is a small Epernay-based cooperative of about 200 small family-growers. Aromas and flavors of red berries, citrus and toast. Beautiful, small bubbles.

Newton Unfiltered Chardonnay 2007 (California) Reg. $59.99, Sale $29.99
– This is a GREAT Napa Valley Chardonnay! It should be an iconic Napa Valley Chardonnay, but this winery is lesser known than some. That’s why the price is so low. Newton flat-out is not selling as much wine in this economy as they did a few years ago. Aromas and flavors of baking spices, caramel, apples and pears. Flavors of baking spices, vanilla, caramel, apple pie and fresh bread. This has a long, creamy finish. Big, big wine. Aged 16 months in French oak (30% new). Sustainable agriculture and buildings. Food pairing – lobster, chowders, pasta with cream sauces.

Wild Horse Unbridled Chardonnay 2007 (California) Reg. $26.99, Sale $18.99 – If you like California Chardonnay, you should grab this! Aromas and flavors of citrus, pear and apples. It’s rich and creamy with hints of nuts and caramel. The acidity in this wine is bright and fresh. The wine is full-bodied and rich. It’s delicious! This wine is from the Bien Nacido Vineyard in Santa Maria Valley in the Central Coast of California. The Bien Nacido Vineyard is truly one of the greatest vineyards in California. The grapes are hand-harvested. Aged 10 months in oak barrels (American, French and Hungarian), but only 35% of them are new barrels, so this isn’t over-oaked. The lees were stirred weekly for 3 months – this adds richness and texture to the wine. The wine undergoes malolactic fermentation – this makes the Chardonnay buttery and creamy. Food pairing - grilled fish, especially mahi-mahi, grilled chicken, chicken salad.

Dona Paula Estate Chardonnay 2008 (Argentina) Reg. $15.99, Sale $9.99 – When I placed the order for this wine, I was expecting to get the 2006 vintage (which was fine). The distributor wanted to clear out the last 8 cases of the ’06 vintage and the price was right, so I bit and bought. Then, it shows up and is the 2008 vintage! It’s even better! This is wonderful! Big hit at recent tasting! Great value Chardonnay! Aromas and flavors of pears, apples, citrus, figs and toast. Baking spices. Crisp acidity. Great balance of fruit and acidity! Nice minerality to the wine! 70% aged in new French (70%) and American (30%) oak barriques. 10% goes through malolactic fermentation (so, this is somewhat creamy and buttery). Food pairing – roasts, steaks, grilled meats, stews, mushroom dishes, etc. Aged cheeses. Drinks well on its own!

Domaine Foivos Robola 2006 (Greece) Reg. $17.99, Sale $8.99 – This is from Kefalonia on the Ionian Coast of Greece. It’s a sizeable island (the largest Ionian one). Homer mentions the wines of Kefalonia in The Illiad. The Venetians occupied this island for over 100 years around the 17th century and made winemaking a large part of the island’s economy. Domaine Foivos farms organically. Robola is the grape and it is local to the area. This has aromas and flavors of pineapple, oranges, white flowers, butter and vanilla. It’s creamy and zesty. Really good wine! Food pairing - goes well with grilled fish, such as tuna, swordfish or salmon sprinkled with lemon juice. It is also a nice accompaniment to simply grilled chicken as well as to cooked vegetables and almost any seafood dish. It is also refreshing when served as an aperitif on a hot summer’s day. Serve it lightly chilled.

Re Manfredi Basilicata Bianco 2008 (Italy) Reg. $22.99, Sale $9.99 – The Re Manfredi/Terre degli Svevi estate is on the slopes of Monte Vulture, an extinct volcano in the Lucanian Apennines. This area is best known for producing grapes such as Aglianico. This is a blend of Muller Thurgau (70%) and Traminer (30%). These grapes love the volcanic soil in the vineyards. This is a full, round, rich wine with aromas and flavors of tropical fruit. It finishes dry with nice minerality. Food pairing – chicken, sushi, soft cheeses, shellfish, lobster, crab, etc.

Domaine de Fontsainte Gris de Gris Rosé 2008 (France) Reg. $16.99, Sale $8.99
– You’ve probably heard us preach about drinking rosés when they are only one year old. We’ll continue to preach that, but occasionally, some rosés age well. This is one of them! It’s drinking beautifully. It’s dry, crisp and refreshing with wonderful aromas and flavors of raspberries and strawberries and a little Southern French herbiness! It’s from Corbières. 70% Grenache Gris and Grenache Noir, 10% Mourvèdre, 10% Carignan and 10% Cinsault.

Chateau Souverain Zinfandel 2003 (California) Reg. $19.99, Sale $9.99
– We often hear that Zinfandel doesn’t age well, but then I open a bottle that’s nearly 7 years old and the wine is FABULOUS! This has loads of ripe dark berry fruit and great pepperiness. The baking spices, vanilla and overall spiciness from the French oak is really nice. Grill a steak or make a pizza and enjoy this!

Beringer Napa Valley Pinot Noir 2004 (California) Reg. $26.99, Sale $18.99 – Excellent Pinot Noir with great dark berry fruit and a pleasing amount of earthiness. The tannins are soft and silky without being drying. This is classic California Pinot – meaning it’s darker and fruitier than most Oregon Pinots.

Clarendelle Bordeaux 2003 (France) Reg. $24.99, Sale $12.99 – This is a medium-bodied, silky Bordeaux. Delicious! Aromas and flavors of red and cark berries, dark chocolate and cedar. The tannins are fine-grained. Blend of 67% Merlot, 29% Cabernet Sauvignon and 4% Cabernet Franc.

Domaine Clape Côtes du Rhône 2002 (France) Reg. $32.99, Sale $12.99 – If you know the Rhône, you know Domaine Clape is one of the best winemakers in the area, indeed in the world. Auguste Clape is renowned for his wines from Cornas and the Côtes du Rhône. You also likely know that 2002 isn’t one of the best vintages. This wine proves that great winemakers make really good wine even in bad vintages. This is a beautiful, deep dark color. It shows no brick from being 8 years old. This has great aromas and flavors of olives, pepper, dark fruit and earth. It’s dry and smooth. You can smell limestone minerals in it. The wine is fabulous! My only regret is that I didn’t buy more.

Chateau du Trignon Rasteau Côtes du Rhône Villages 2002 (France) Reg. $24.99, Sale $11.99 – We tasted this and just loved it! Fortunately, I was able to buy more of it (5 cases). This is soft and lush! It has a long, smooth finish. Aromas and flavors of fresh figs, dark fruit, earth, peppery spice, herbs and more. The wine is excellent! Rasteau is a village in the Southern Rhône. Today, it is its own appellation. This is a blend of 55% Grenache and 45% Mourvèdre.

Château Tayac Prestige Côtes de Bourg 2000 (France) Reg. $29.99, Sale $13.99 – This is a delicious Bordeaux that is mostly Merlot with some Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. This has classic Bordeaux notes of red and dark berries, dark chocolate, curing tobacco and earth. It’s full-bodied and smooth with the soft, caressing finish that outstanding Merlot should have! The Côtes de Bourg is on the right of the Dordogne River at the point where it meets the Gironde River. 2000 is a GREAT, GREAT vintage from Bordeaux’s Right Bank.

Wolf Blass Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz “Black Label” 2000 (Australia) Reg. $62.99, Sale $24.99 – This is a big, powerful red from one of Australia’s leading wineries! This is Wolf Blass’s flagship wine. Aromas and flavors of dark chocolate, plums, dark fruit, baking spices, vanilla and more. This is lush and opulent. 51% Cabernet and 49% Shiraz. Aged in new and old French and American oak for at least 24 months. Blend of the best grapes Wolf Blass finds in McClaren Vale, Barossa and Adelaide Hills. Will drink well through 2015. Wine Spectator, 92 points

Hall Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 (California) Reg. $39.99, Sale $24.99
– Hall is a classic Napa Valley producer. This is rich, concentrated and deliciously big! Aromas and flavors of plums, black currants, blackberries, ripe cherries, vanilla, baking spices and leather. 82% Cabernet Sauvignon, 14% Merlot, 3% Petit Verdot and 1% Malbec. Aged 18 months in French oak (55% new). Organic, sustainable farming. Food pairings – lamb, beef, steak. Drinks well without food.

Uppercut Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 (California) Reg. $28.99, Sale $19.99 – This is a new label from the winery, Provenance Vineyards. This is a big, lush, rich Cabernet. Flavors and aromas of vanilla, baking spices, black currants, blackberries, caramel and toast. Fine tannins. Elegant and balanced wine. 100% Cabernet. Aged 17 months in oak (40% new). Food pairings – steak, portabello mushrooms, osso bucco.
Beer Deals!
Cricket Hill Brewery Reserve #4 Maibock (New Jersey) Reg. $5.99, Sale $3.99 - This is a wonderful hot weather beer! This has the crispness of a lager and the rich malty sweetness of an ale. German hops add the right amount of bitterness. Aromas and flavors of fresh bread, stone fruits, caramel and nutty toast. 7% alcohol. 22oz. bottle.
Fuller's London Pride Premium Beer (England) Reg. $6.99, Sale $4.99 - This is a beautiful amber color with a great head on it in the glass! It's full-bodied and rich. Nice hoppiness throughout. This has nice citrus and hoppy flavors and aromas to balance the malty character. 4.7% alcohol. 16.9 oz. can (the can is the best way to package beer - no light and no oxygen). 4-pack. 90 points, Ratebeer.com
Ridgeway Santa's Butt Porter (England) Reg. $6.99, Sale $3.50 - Yes, these are from last Christmas. Yes, this is still good - it's a bottle-conditioned beer that can last for ages. This special holiday porter is made for winter - rich and warming, the way they like it at the North Pole. In England, "butt" refers to a certain sized barrel, in fact, holding 108 Imperial gallons. Back in the day it was quite a normal thing for a brewery to put its beer up in a large butt for storage. 6% alcohol. 16.9 oz. bottle.

July 12, 2010

July Wine Tasting

July Wine Tasting
Friday, July 16th
3:30 - 7:30

10% off on all wine tasting wines!

Featuring Spanish and French wines from Eric Solomon’s European Cellars Portfolio!

Eric Solomon is one of the best importers of wine in the business. He’s been named:

  • Food & Wine Magazine, Best Importer, 2006
  • Robert M. Parker, Jr., Wine Personality of the Year, 2002
  • James Beard Award 2009 Nominee, Outstanding Wine & Spirits Professional
  • Hospice du Rhone, Person of the Year 2008

For the whites, we'll have:

  • Novellum Chardonnay 2009 (France) $11.99 - year-after-year, a delicious wine! An excellent Chardonnay! This just ROCKS! With a Viognier twist! It’s fermented on Viognier lees (lies). Tropical fruit (pineapple, peach, honeysuckle) notes, with Viognier's fragrant aromas....this is not a big, buttery, creamy Chardonnay (no malolactic fermentation)...rather the fruit, acidity and aromas shine! 30% of this is aged in Burgundian oak, but it isn’t oaky. Food pairing – seafood, poultry, lighter dishes…drinks well on its own. Robert Parker, Wine Advocate, “one of the best Chardonnay values going."
  • Mas Que Vinos Ercavio Blanco 2009 (Spain) $10.99 – This is similar to New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc at a much lower price! Mas Que Vinos = 3 winemakers and 3 friends. Ercavio is the name of an old Roman settlement. The winemakers and owners renovated an old family winery that dates to 1851. They ferment the wines in “tinajas” = large clay vats that are traditional for winemaking in this area. This are is just east of Toledo – the summers are hot, but the high altitude helps moderate the temperatures. The grape is Airen. Organic farming. Food pairing – seafood, lighter dishes, salads.
  • Domaine Lafage Côte Est 2008 (France) $11.99 - This is a tasty white – perfect for entertaining! Great pear, peach and apricot aromas and flavors. Notes of white pepper, fennel, mint, oranges and limes. Big flavors in a value-priced wine! Clean, crisp, refreshing! Racy acidity. Ripe & full without being heavy like many oaky Chardonnays. Competely unoaked. Blend of 60% Grenache Blanc & Grenache Gris, 20% Chardonnay and the rest Marsanne. The winemaker is Jean-Marc Lafage, who makes Las Rocas Garnacha as well. From the Côtes Catalanes in southwestern France – almost in Spain! Food pairing - Great wine with salads and appetizers and on its own! Robert Parker, Wine Advocate, 90 points
  • Burgañs Albarino 2008 (Spain) Reg. $15.99, Sale $13.99 - Ah…Albarino… what a wonderful white wine this is! The Spanish are making some wonderful white wines! Pretty pale yellow color. Aromas of lemons and limes, minerals, honey and a hint of almonds….Flavors of pear, apricots, honey and minerals….rich and lush. It's medium-to-full-bodied, yet dry, and has enough acidity to maintain balance. Stainless steel fermentation. Aged on lees to add richness. Food pairing - Great paired with fresh Maine seafood. Stephen Tanzer, International Wine Cellar, 89 points

For the rosé, we'll have:

  • Capçanes Mas Donis Rosat Montsant 2009 (Spain) $10.99 – This is a full, complex rosé with aromas and flavors of strawberries and raspberries and stone fruits. The finish is long and loaded with fruit. This is ripe and fresh! Blend of 80% Garnacha, 10% Syrah and 10% Merlot. The Garnacha vines are 10-50 years-old. Made in the traditional SAIGNEE method of bleeding off the juice soon after crushing. The juice is only in contact with the grape skins for 10 hours after crushing. Aged 4 months in stainless steel before bottling. Organic, sustainable farming. Food pairing – grilled chicken, tuna, salmon, spicy foods. Robert Parker, Wine Advocate, 89 Points

For the reds, we'll have:

  • Domaine D'Andezon Cotes-du-Rhone 2008 (France) $13.99 - Outstanding wine. Darkly colored with a gorgeous nose and flavors of dark berry fruits, plums, smoke and Provencal herbs (the French call this garrigue). Nice texture and crisp acidity. Not tannic. 90% Syrah & 10% Grenache. 100% old vine grapes. Unfiltered. Stainless-steel fermentation. Southern Rhône. Organic farming. Food pairing - Good with steak & other grilled meats, roast pork & lamb, other hearty entrees. Drinks well on its own.
  • Capçanes Mas Donís Montsant 2007 (Spain) $14.99 - Outstanding wine! I flat out love this wine! Great value! You won’t find a better Spanish red at this price! Bright ruby-red. Lush, rich, great fruit (blueberry, raspberry and blackberry), great spice (Provencal herbs). Medium-to-full bodied. Well-balanced…Rich, long finish! Just a “killer wine” at this price! 85% Garnacha & 15% Syrah. Aged 8 months in French & American oak. The Grenache is about 60% Garnacha del Pais (an indigenous clone from Catalan) and 40% Garnacha Peluda – vines imported from France after Phylloxera hit Spain). The Garnacha vines are over 80 years-old and the Syrah vines are over 30 years. Bottled unfiltered & unfined. Will drink well for 2-3 years. Organic, sustainable farming. Food pairing – a night grilling meats, veggies &/or mushrooms! Lasagna. Robert Parker, Wine Advocate, 90 Points
  • Evodia Garnacha 2008 (Spain) $10.99 - Another hit from top importer Eric Solomon! This is delicious, smooth and easy drinking! Aromas of raspberries, strawberries, smoke, licorice and savory herbs. Lots of cherries, red berries, baking spices, minerals and more in this wine! Smooth texture. Clean, fruit-filled finish! Easy drinking! 100% Garnacha (Grenache) from old, old vines (100 years) in slate soil. The vineyards are as high as 3,000 feet. This area in Catalayud is similar to Priorat in steepness and soil composition. Food pairing – drinks well on its own or with grilled foods. Stephen Tanzer, International Wine Cellar, 89 points
  • Cellar Mas Doix Salanques Priorat 2005 (Spain) $49.99 – This is a superb wine! It’s just delicious with lots going on in it! Glass-coating wine! Dark, dark purple. Aromas of smoke, slate, cedar, dark berries, wild berries and cherries, white pepper and baking spices. Rich, ripe flavors of raspberries, cherries. The tannins are fine-grained. Blend of 65% Garnacha, 20% Carinena and the rest is Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Aged 14 months in French oak. This will easily cellar for another 15 years and will benefit from cellaring for another 5-7 years before you pull the cork. Robert Parker, Wine Advocate, 93 Points

For the sparkling, we'll have:

  • Jean-Francois Merieau Sparkling Traditionelle "Bulles" (France) $19.99 - Delicious blend of Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc. "Bulles" means bubbles. Aromas and flavors of white peaches & green apples. This is bright, fresh and clean. Nice acidity. Just a pleasure to drink on a warm day! Or...any day! This sparkling wine is produced is produced in a similar way to Champagne. It is aged 18-20 months su lie. Jean-Francois Merieau returned to his family's farm in Touraine, just east of Tours, after working at wineries in South Africa and elsewhere. He is one of the rising stars of this area. Touraine is often called the "Garden of France." This is the part of the Loire that you think about when you picture gorgeous chateaus. They farm organically. This is not an Eric Solomon wine. The distributor didn’t have a sparkling wine that fit the bill. This is from Jon-David Headrick portfolio. JD worked with Eric Solomon for years before branching out on his own. Wine & Spirits, 88 points

July 2, 2010

July Wines of the Month

July Wines of the Month

Tier One

The White

La Croix Blanche Gascogne 2008 (France) $11.99
– This is a perfect summertime white wine! It’s thirst-quenching and refreshing! Aromas of white grapefruit, pineapple and pears. The aromas are bright, fresh and refreshing! This has crisp, bright acidity right from the start. The Colombard adds a bit of weight midway and good minerality. Nice citrus flavors. The wine is clean and crisp with a pleasing finish. The wine is only 11.5% alcohol, so it is great for pouring at a party! 50% Colombard and 50% Sauvignon Blanc. Stainless steel fermentation. This is made by a 4th generation winemaker, Francis Baurens and his wife and daughter. Food pairing – oysters, mussels, salad nicoise, light, creamy cheeses, a “go-to” wine for a warm summer day!

Les 3 Domaines is made in the Southwest of France in Gascony, the home of D’Artagnan of Three Musketeers fame and the home of Armagnac, Madiran and Jurançon.

The Red

Lovivalo Toro Joven 2007 (Spain) $14.99
– 100% Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo). Toro is a winemaking area in Spain that is northwest of Madrid, close to the Portuguese border. As in Rioja and Ribera del Duero, the dominant red grape is Tempranillo. Toro received its D.O. status in 1987. Columbus carried wines from Toro on his expedition to the New World in 1492. The vines are 80 years-old, so they produce superb grapes. The wine is produced without seeing any oak barrels, so the fruit is bright and fresh. This has aromas and flavors of blackberries, black plums and black cherries. This also has a pleasing earthiness to it and a touch of black pepper. The wine is medium- to full-bodied. The finish is soft and smooth. This winery is about 10 years-old. Santiago Ijalba and his son, Roberto, run the winery. They have 10 hectares (25 acres) of vineyards. Food pairing – grilled steak, grilled pork chops or pork tenderloin, baby back ribs.

The “Other”

Trésors d’Antan Pineau d’Aunis Rosé 2009 (France) $13.99 – This is an unusual grape from the Coteaux de Vendomis in the Loire Valley. This rosé is unusual because it is made entirely from the rare Pineau d’Aunis grape. This grape is unique to the Loire Valley – even in the Loire it is rare as it has been pulled up for decades in favor of better-known grapes, such as Cabernet Franc. Pineau d’Aunis was born in the Middle Ages at the Priory of Aunis in Dampierre-sur-Loire. It’s also known as Chenin Noir and is one of the oldest grape varietals in the Loire.

This has peppery aromas, which is typical of this grape. The flavors definitely include grapefruit, as well as strawberries and raspberries. This also has an interesting and pleasing note of pomegranates. Food pairing – great as a cocktail wine or with most any fish, poultry, softer cheese and desserts with red fruits.

Tier Two

The White

Vinedo de los Vientos “Estival” 2008 (Uruguay) $16.99
- This is a fabulous blend - 60% Gewurztraminer, 30% Chardonnay, and 10% Moscato Bianco. It's unique - Uruguayan flair and style. Aromas of small white flowers, pineapples, melons, lemons. This has soft, subtle "Gewurz" spice. It’s real soft on the tongue at the start and then almost, but not quite, tingly on the tongue! Zingy minerals in the mid-palette really wake you up! White peaches in the flavors. Finishes clean and rich with hints of nuts...definitely almonds...and minerals. Food pairing - Great wine with a tropical/Asian "fusion" dish. Drinks wonderfully well on its own!

The Red

Chateau La Reyne Cahors “Le Prestige” 2007 (France) $16.99 - Cahors is in the area of France known as “The Lot.” It’s to the south of Bordeaux. The estate is near the medieval city, Puy l’Eveque, on the Lot River. By law, Cahors must be at least 70% Malbec. Malbec is known as Côt in much of France and as Auxerrois in Cahors (not the Auxerrois from Alsace). Malbec used to be a minor blending grape in Bordeaux, but no longer. Today, Malbec is grown mostly in Cahors and Argentina.

Yohan Vidal is the 5th generation winemaker at Chateau La Reyne. Vidal took over the 75-acre estate in 1997. The vines average 35-years of age. This is a small, family-owned winery that produces great wines. They have long been one of the leading producers in Cahors.
This has aromas and flavors of plums, anise, black currants, black cherries and blackberry jam. Some smokiness to the wine. Dark and inky. This is dense and extracted without being coarse or harsh. It’s both approachable and dense, which is not common. The wine is full-bodied and complex. Long finish. 95% Malbec and 5% Tannat. Aged 18 months in huge, older oak barrels (30% of the barrels are new). Food pairing – grilled red meat, duck confit, beef stew and strong cheeses.

Tier Three

The White

Domaine Montvac “Mélodine” Vacqueyras 2008 (France) $36.99
- This delicious blend from one of my favorite wineries has great aromas, depth and structure, acidity, texture and elegance. This estate has passed from mother-to-daughter for 3 generations after being founded by patriarch, Louis Avon. Blend of Roussanne (40%), Clairette (40%), Bourboulenc (10%) and Viognier (10%). The grapes are aged in oak barrels (Allier and Vosges) for 8 months on the lees. The lees are stirred every 2 days – this adds richness, fatness and roundness to the wine.

The wine is big, full-bodied and complex. You will want to decant this and enjoy it as the wine evolves in the glass. This has a lot of weight and feel to it, but it isn’t flabby or fleshy. Long finish with lots going on. Spices, vanilla, minerality and more in the glass!

The winery is owned by Cécile Dusserre, who is a trained ballerina. Consequently, her wines have names associated with dance. She has 3 daughters herself, so it is likely that the tradition of passing the winery from mother-to-daughter will continue. She’s married to the winemaker next-door. Food pairing – scallops, lobster, fish – whether it is a lighter one, such as haddock, or a stronger one, such as mackerel.

The Red

Domaine La Suffrene Bandol 2005 (France) $37.99 - This is true Bandol – Powerful! Blend of Mourvedre (55%), Grenache (20%), Cinsault (15%) and Carignan (10%). Hand-harvested grapes. Aged 18 months in large oak barrels. Bottled unfiltered and unfined.

Since 1996, Cédric Gravier has been making wine from the grapes grown on his family’s 45 hectares (about 100 acres). He’s a 1st generation winemaker (the vineyards have been his family’s for 4 generations). The vineyards are in the communes of La Cadière d'Azur and Castellet. This is prototypical Mediterranean landscape – rocks, olive trees, wild thyme, rosemary and lavender and vines…all baked by the sun.

The wine: Sun-baked Provence! Olives, smoke, cedar, rosemary, curing tobacco, garrigue, black pepper…….this is massive…a very big wine! Lots of blackberries and blackcurrants in the aromas and flavors. Medium tannins. Food pairing – leg of lamb with mushrooms, bouillabaisse, grilled steak.

Great Wine Deals!

Great Wine Deals


Bisol Jeio Prosecco Brut (Italy) Reg. $14.99, Sale $12.99
- This is a tasty sparkling wine and a great value from Italy’s leading Prosecco maker. Fine, soft bubbles. Starts soft and refreshing. With a touch of flowers and almonds as well as subtle acidity. Flavors of apples and pears. A nice, delicate, lingering finish. Food pairing - Great as an aperitivo or with antipasto, seafood or lighter white meat dishes. Goes great with smoked salmon or trout. This will go great with spicy food, especially Thai and Pacific cuisines. Excellent as a sparkling wine for a party!


Dry Creek Dry Chenin Blanc 2008 (California) Reg. $14.99, Sale $11.99 - YUM! That’s what we have to say about this wine! Aromas of lemon, orange, pear & pineapple that carry through to the flavors. Clean, crisp, well-balanced and easy-to-drink. This is soft and smooth! Great wine for warm days and a picnic/party! Food pairing - Great choice for shellfish, seafood, pasta salad, chicken and drinking! Perfect with curry dishes. Awesome with oysters! Food & Wine, “Great Bargain – Terrific Wine Under $15;” Wine & Spirits, “Best Buy”

Las Brisas Rueda 2008 (Spain) Reg. $12.99, Sale $9.99 - We absolutely love this wine! Guaranteed hit at a party! Just a wonderful wine to drink! Medium-bodied, crisp, zesty, clean and fresh! Great aromas of citrus, melon, spices, herbs, mint. Flavors of lemon, apple, grapefruit…Unoaked…well-balanced fruit and acidity. Long, pleasing, juicy finish. Blend of Verdejo (50%), Sauvignon Blanc (25%) and Viura (25%). Food pairing - Great with grilled or broiled fish, chicken, cheese and as a quaffing wine for a party! Drinks great with or without food!

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc 2009 (New Zealand) Reg. $19.99, Sale $16.99 - Truly one of the best New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs made! This is a fresh, lively, fun to drink wine. Great lime, grapefruit, passion fruit, melon, green apple flavors & aromas in this classic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Great depth of fruit. A subtle touch of pepper spice & lemon grass. Stainless steel fermentation. Food pairing - Enjoy with seafood, lobster, grilled tuna, spicy chicken or spicy Asian food. Wine Spectator, 89 points

El Portillo Sauvignon Blanc 2008 (Argentina) Reg. $10.99, Sale $8.99 - Bright, crisp, clean! A tasty wine that is just fun to drink! Aromas and flavors of grapefruit, tropical fruits and passion fruit! Crisp acidity and a long finish. Food pairing – lobster, shellfish, mussels, smoked fish, sushi, etc. The Tasting Panel, 88 points

Edna Valley Vineyard Chardonnay 2008 (California) Reg. $15.99, Sale $10.99 - Delicious CA Chardonnay with just subtle notes of oak, butter and cream. Aromas of vanilla, baking spices, peaches, pineapple and citrus notes. This is full and round. Flavors of peaches, citrus, subtle minerality and baking spices. Medium-to-full bodied. Long finish. 100% Chardonnay. Aged 8 months in 33% new oak (66% French, 4% American, 30% Hungarian). Food pairing - creamy pastas, baked sea bass, scallops, roast chicken, lobster and salmon. “Best Value,” Washington Post

Honig Sauvignon Blanc 2008 (CA) Reg. $14.99, Sale $12.99 - This is a tasty, smooth-drinking wine – has a touch of Semillon (5%) that adds a little body and softness to the wine’s texture. Light-to-medium-bodied. Aromas of lemon grass, melons, & minerals ….flavors of citrus and Sauvignon Blanc’s quintessential grassiness (think lemon grass). Food pairing - An excellent Sauvignon Blanc – perfect with lobsters, many oysters, mussels & other seafood; spicy Asian food; rosemary & garlic dishes. Wine Spectator, 88 points


Jean-Luc Colombo Cape Bleue Rosé 2009 (France) $12.99, Sale $11.99 - Delicious! It's strawberry-peach in color, dry, crisp and clean, offering aromas and flavors of strawberry, cherry, peach and citrus. Light/medium in body, it is a nicely balanced, versatile food wine, great for summer! Refreshing! Food pairing - fish chowder, turkey sandwiches, steamers and fruit salads.


Altos las Hormigas Malbec 2009 (Mendoza, Argentina) Reg. $12.99, Sale $9.99 - We just tasted this…it’s marvelous! I had it with 20 people with venison stew – huge hit! Dark, deep purple color. Great aromas of dark & black berries & cherries, a touch of earthiness and spice. Lots of depth in the flavors – dark & red berries, touch of peppery spice, mocha & vanilla. Well-balanced acidity. Nice tannins on the finish. Medium-to-full-bodied. Food pairing - Excellent choice with grilled meats, rich stews, and other flavorful food. Drinks well on its own!

El Portillo Malbec 2008 (Argentina) Reg. $10.99, Sale $8.99 -Excellent wine! Easy drinking and soft…..just a pleasure! Medium-weight, with a slightly jammy core of red cherries & plum backed by baking spices on the soft finish. 100% Malbec. Stainless steel fermentation. Food pairing - Enjoy with grilled steaks, roasts and pasta in richly-flavored sauces.

Redtree Pinot Noir 2009 (California) Reg. $10.99, Sale $8.99 – This is a soft, light bodied Pinot Noir with lots of cherry and strawberries in the aromas and flavors. It has a touch of oak in the aromas. The tannins are soft and smooth. The finish is clean and medium-long. Food pairing – great wine for a party! Grilled meals and lighter foods.

El Portillo Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 (Argentina) Reg. $10.99, Sale $8.99 - Good tasting red at a great price! Fairly dry, moderate fruit. Holds up for 1-2 days after opening. Aromas and flavors of dark berries with a little pepperiness! Smooth. Not too tannic or dry. Food pairing – red meat, lamb dishes, robust vegetarian dishes. Restaurant Week, 4 Stars

Fess Parker Frontier Red Lot 92 (California) Reg. $11.99, Sale $9.99 - This has long been a favorite red around our house! Just a good wine! A “classic” California “Rhone Ranger!” Loads of cheery, dark berry, currant flavors and aromas. Big and rich. Notes of pepper. Nice long finish. Food pairing - Grilled meats & other hearty dishes. Great pizza wine! Robert Parker, Wine Advocate, “One of California’s top values…the wine inside is unquestionably a hell of a bargain.”

E. Guigal Côtes du Rhône 2006 (France) Reg. $15.99, Sale $13.99 - Excellent wine! Long a favorite red wine of mine. It’s been a “house red” for years. Deep, dark purple. Loaded with dark berry fruit, herbs & cherries. Supple and rich, medium-bodied, slightly tannic. Excellent wine from one of France’s best winemakers. 60 % Syrah, 30% Grenache and a little Mourvèdre & other grapes (10%). Food pairing - Try it with roasted or grilled meats. Drinks well on its own! Robert Parker, Wine Advocate, 88 points

Kenwood Russian River Pinot Noir 2008 (CA) Reg. $16.99, Sale $12.99 -
This is a really nice Pinot and an excellent value! Wonderful red berry aromas and flavors. Blueberries, vanilla, red currants and lavender are in the flavors and aromas. A touch of peppery spice. Silky, soft…lots of fruit. Medium-bodied. Long, smooth finish. Food pairing - Goes well with roast chicken, duck, turkey, pork and lamb. Gold Medalist, Los Angeles Wine Competition

Sella & Mosca Cannonau di Sardegna DOC Riserva 2006 (Sardinia, Italy) Reg. $14.99, Sale $12.99 - We had this wine with dinner & loved it! I took it to a private wine tasting and it was the hit of the night! Rich, complex, enjoyable. Beautiful, pale, translucent color. Rich aromas of violets, red berries and more. Good fruit (cherries, red berries). Good spice. Medium-bodied. Nice long finish. Can’t say enough about this wine! We had a great halibut dish & a rich seafood stew (spicy Italian version of bouillabaisse). Cannonau is Sardinia’s primary red grape – in France it is Grenache. Food pairing - Goes great with rich foods, red meats and flavorful cheeses.

Hob Knob Pinot Noir 2008 (France) Reg. $10.99, Sale $9.99 – Smooth, soft Pinot from the South of France! Aromas and flavors of cherries, violets, cranberries and red berries. NOT earthy. Medium-bodied. Soft tannins. Medium length on the finish. Food pairing – grilled meats, pasta dishes and just sipping on its own! Silver Medal, International Pinot Noir Competition, Switzerland

July 1, 2010

Chocolate & Wine Tasting

Any of these wines that you purchase from Freeport Cheese & Wine will be 10% off!

The Wines:

The White Wines:

Guntrum Riesling 2009 (Germany) $14.99
- We love this Riesling – it’s well-made, tasty and a great value! It’s sweet, but not overly so – it’s definitely not “syrupy.” It’s crisp with well-balanced acidity. Nice floral aromas. Wonderful fruit in the nose and mouth. Lemon and lime citrus aromas and flavors. Nice clean finish. Food pairing - Great cocktail wine which won't get you too tipsy before the main event (like many Rieslings, it’s lower in alcohol than many other wines). Great choice for smoked fish, spicy Thai, Chinese, Indian or Mexican food. Wonderful with ham.

Georges DuBœuf Macon-Villages Chardonnay 2008 (France) Reg. $11.99, Sale $9.99 – Aromas of white flowers, lemon/lime citrus and minerals. This has a creamy feel to it. Crisp and clean chardonnay with flavors of green apples, minerals and lemon. Hints of nuts (almonds/hazelnuts) on the finish. Food pairing – seafood, lobster, lighter chicken dishes.

The Rosé Wine:

Charles & Charles Rosé of Syrah (France) $11.99
– Imagine a pool full of late season wild strawberries and raspberries with some sage, rose petals and a bucket full of watermelon Jolly Ranchers thrown in. Then imagine diving in. Food pairing - Goes well with most anything, but our recommendation is grilled sea bass. Food & Wine 2009 Winemaker of the Year.

The Red Wines:

Hob Knob Pinot Noir 2008 (France) Reg. $10.99, Sale $9.99
– Smooth, soft Pinot from the South of France! Aromas and flavors of cherries, violets, cranberries and red berries. NOT earthy. Medium-bodied. Soft tannins. Medium length on the finish. Food pairing – grilled meats, pasta dishes and just sipping on its own! Silver Medal, International Pinot Noir Competition, Switzerland

Fess Parker Frontier Red Lot 92 (California) Reg. $11.99, Sale $9.99 - This has long been a favorite red around our house! Just a good wine! A “classic” California “Rhone Ranger!” Loads of cheery, dark berry, currant flavors and aromas. Big and rich. Notes of pepper. Nice long finish. Food pairing - Grilled meats & other hearty dishes. Great pizza wine! Robert Parker, Wine Advocate, “One of California’s top values…the wine inside is unquestionably a hell of a bargain.”

The Dessert Wine:

Chocovine Chocolate Wine $12.99 - If you like Bailey’s Irish Cream, give this a shot! Tastes like rich chocolate with a little kick! Rich dark chocolate from Holland blended with good Cabernet Sauvignon from France. Rich and chocolaty with subtle red wine flavors. Drink over ice or use it to make a chocolate martini! Or, come up with your own drink with it!