July 1, 2010

Chocolate & Wine Tasting

Any of these wines that you purchase from Freeport Cheese & Wine will be 10% off!

The Wines:

The White Wines:

Guntrum Riesling 2009 (Germany) $14.99
- We love this Riesling – it’s well-made, tasty and a great value! It’s sweet, but not overly so – it’s definitely not “syrupy.” It’s crisp with well-balanced acidity. Nice floral aromas. Wonderful fruit in the nose and mouth. Lemon and lime citrus aromas and flavors. Nice clean finish. Food pairing - Great cocktail wine which won't get you too tipsy before the main event (like many Rieslings, it’s lower in alcohol than many other wines). Great choice for smoked fish, spicy Thai, Chinese, Indian or Mexican food. Wonderful with ham.

Georges DuBœuf Macon-Villages Chardonnay 2008 (France) Reg. $11.99, Sale $9.99 – Aromas of white flowers, lemon/lime citrus and minerals. This has a creamy feel to it. Crisp and clean chardonnay with flavors of green apples, minerals and lemon. Hints of nuts (almonds/hazelnuts) on the finish. Food pairing – seafood, lobster, lighter chicken dishes.

The Rosé Wine:

Charles & Charles Rosé of Syrah (France) $11.99
– Imagine a pool full of late season wild strawberries and raspberries with some sage, rose petals and a bucket full of watermelon Jolly Ranchers thrown in. Then imagine diving in. Food pairing - Goes well with most anything, but our recommendation is grilled sea bass. Food & Wine 2009 Winemaker of the Year.

The Red Wines:

Hob Knob Pinot Noir 2008 (France) Reg. $10.99, Sale $9.99
– Smooth, soft Pinot from the South of France! Aromas and flavors of cherries, violets, cranberries and red berries. NOT earthy. Medium-bodied. Soft tannins. Medium length on the finish. Food pairing – grilled meats, pasta dishes and just sipping on its own! Silver Medal, International Pinot Noir Competition, Switzerland

Fess Parker Frontier Red Lot 92 (California) Reg. $11.99, Sale $9.99 - This has long been a favorite red around our house! Just a good wine! A “classic” California “Rhone Ranger!” Loads of cheery, dark berry, currant flavors and aromas. Big and rich. Notes of pepper. Nice long finish. Food pairing - Grilled meats & other hearty dishes. Great pizza wine! Robert Parker, Wine Advocate, “One of California’s top values…the wine inside is unquestionably a hell of a bargain.”

The Dessert Wine:

Chocovine Chocolate Wine $12.99 - If you like Bailey’s Irish Cream, give this a shot! Tastes like rich chocolate with a little kick! Rich dark chocolate from Holland blended with good Cabernet Sauvignon from France. Rich and chocolaty with subtle red wine flavors. Drink over ice or use it to make a chocolate martini! Or, come up with your own drink with it!

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