November 16, 2007


Robert Parker just dropped 91 points on one of my favorite wines. I hate it when he does this on a $15 or under wine that I "discovered."


It disappears from the market and then when it reappears the price is higher. Why?

Supply-and-demand. And, too many consumers give more credit to Parker's opinion than their own and more to Parker's opinion than my opinion (if you like a jammy, peppery Zinfandel, I'm not recommending an earthy Cotes-du-Rhone to you, regardless of the "points;" if you like an oaky, buttery Chardonnay, I don't care how many points Parker gives a Chablis - could be the wrong wine for you!).

I love this wine! Period.

Parker could give it 99 points or 65 points (how often have you read a wine review below 85 points - makes one wonder about those scores, doesn't it?).

On Wednesday, I tasted a wine from an importer I generally like that Parker gave 90 points. Veggie, green veggies, is the one thought I left from tasting this wine. Not good green veggies. I cycled back to this wine 3 times over 60 minutes and tasted 2 different bottles. Veggies. Green veggies. If you like green bell peppers dominating your wine, I just found it for you! My point - points don't matter that much. Wine does. Tasting the bottle over time matters.

We showed Mas Carlot "Les Enfants Terribles" to great acclaim at our October wine tasting. Doug and Cat, who own SOPO (South Portland Wine Company), have no more than 14 cases of this wine.

From this e-mail, those 14 cases will be gone by 6pm on Friday, Nov. 16th.

Mas Carlot “Les Enfants Terribles” Costières de Nimes Syrah & Mourvèdre 2005 (France) $14.99 - I LOVE this! Complex, robust, tasty! Aromas & flavors of rocky, mineral soil, leather, dark berries, dark plums, black cherries, anise, earth, smoke. Layers & layers - that's probably why it speaks to me so! Everything is well-put-together. Well-balanced. Medium-to-full-bodied. This screams & defines "terroir" - that sense of place that I think wine should have! Half is aged in new oak. Will drink well thru 2009-10. Food pairing - lamb with rosemary, beef, rich mushroom dishes, etc. Robert Parker, Wine Advocate, 91 points

That's the wine.

If you want some and want it at the tasting on Friday, call or e-mail!