July 11, 2008

"Wines of the Month" Program

Wines of the Month!

A Great way to try different wines! A perfect gift for someone!

Here are the basics of our "Wines of the Month" club. You should join, if you are not a member!

Why should you join?

1 - Try new wines you wouldn't otherwise taste.
2 - Learn about different winemaking regions and wineries.
3 - Have fun (after all, it's grape juice - the best way to learn and enjoy wine is to try new things!).
4 - Makes a great gift (maybe for yourself)!
5 - The more people we have at each level, the more likely we can bring wines into Maine that are not currently available! I can bring in almost anything if I buy it by the case (12 bottles).
6 - Earn a discount on ALL purchases! (10% off on all purchases - non-members still get a 10% case discount; members get 10% off on any purchase - even when they drop in and just buy a bottle or a little cheese or a little whatever!; 15% off on all full case purchases (12 bottles of the same wine); 15% off on all of our 12-pack mixed case e-mail offers!).

We have Three Tiers or price levels for our Wines of the Month Club.

You may sign up for one, two or all three tiers - OR, you may sign up for reds only, whites only or just one wine - whatever works for you!....and you may change your choice each month!!!)....we want you to try new wines and we want to make this easy for you. So, you tell us what you want to do!

These will be interesting, tasty, unusual wines that you won't find everywhere and they'll represent great values! Some months, we'll offer an optional bottle or 2 or 3 (maybe a dessert wine or a sparkling wine or a dry rose). You don't need to buy the optional bottle(s).

At each Tier (price level), we'll pick 2 wines for you - 1 white & 1 red.

  • Tier 1 - $9-15/bottle
  • Tier 2 - $16-24/bottle
  • Tier 3 - $25-50/bottle
Again, you can select from this list and choose what you want each month....or choose to take nothing in that month.If you are from "away," we will hold these wines for when you return to Maine.

Maine has a quirky law - we must pay for wine the moment it arrives in the store - so, we ask that you give us a credit card number to bill for your "Wines of the Month." We don't bill your credit card until Sunday evening after I send the e-mail announcing the "Wines of the Month" - and we never bill it until you have told us what Tier you want. And, if you decide you don't want something, we'll just refund the money immediately!

That's it. It's pretty simple. I guarantee you'll taste some interesting wines!

E-mail me at efullagar@verizon.net is you are interested.