May 11, 2009

May Wine Tasting

May Wine Tasting
Friday, May 15th, 3:30-7:30pm.
Freeport Cheese & Wine

It's FREE! From 3:30-7:30pm!

Duelling Distributors!

Featuring wines from Argentina, Chile, France and Spain! Geoff Sturgess from Nappi Distributors will be here and he just returned from a trip to Argentina and Chile - so, we'll taste wines from places he visited! Tim Wissemann from Mariner Beverages will also be here with wines that are brand new to Maine!

The Wines

Geoff's Wines (Nappi)

  1. Cono Sur Vision Sauvignon Blanc 2007 (Chile) Reg. $13.99 Sale $12.99 - This is somewhat of a cross between New Zealand and California. It has some of those gooseberry/citrus notes that New Zealand has, but not as much grassiness. This is crisp and vibrant. Nice acidity. Drinks well with lighter dishes and without food.
  2. Dona Paula Estate Chardonnay 2005 (Argentina) $13.99 - nice value Chardonnay from Argentina! Aromas and flavors of pears, apples, figs and toast. Wine Spectator, 89 points.
  3. Errazuriz Wild Fermentation Chardonnay 2007 (Chile) $22.99 - What does Wild Fermentation mean? It means that no yeast is added to the grapes....that only the yeast naturally on the grapes starts the fermentation - this results in a slower fermentation. That means the flavors are more complex, subtle and layered.
  4. Cono Sur Vision Gewurztraminer 2006 (Chile) Reg. $13.99 Sale $12.99 - aromas and flavors of lychee nuts and pink grapefruit. A pleasing, subtle bitter note on the finish.


  1. Alta Vista Malbec Rose 2007 (Argentina) $10.99 - as a rule, Malbec roses are darker than most French ones - they spend more time in skin contact. This adds weight and tannins to the wine, so you don't have to drink them at as young of an age - they hold up better.
  1. Cono Sur Sustainable Agriculture Pinot Noir 2007 (Chile) $12.99 - nice bright color! Very aromatic. This is juicy and fresh tasting. Notes of cherries, raspberries, strawberries, plums and a little smokiness. Drink with mushrooms and dishes with Provencal herbs, fish, etc.
  2. Dona Paula Malbec 2007 (Argentina) $14.99 - Rich, dark wine! Notes of currants, chocolate, coffee, dark berries and herbs. Wine Spectator, 90 points
  3. Montgras Reserva Carmenere 2008 (Chile) $13.99 - This has some of the green bell pepper aroma that typifies Carmenere, but it is not in the flavors! Merlot mouthfeel - smooth and rich! Flavors are more Syrah-like - peppery, spicy, dark fruit! NY Times #1 rated Carmenere!
  4. Montgras Quattro 2007 (Chile) $18.99 - We love this! Blend of 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Malbec, 25% Syrah and 15% Carmenere. Big and rich and lush!T

Tim's Wines (Mariner) - these are all brand new to Maine!


  1. Domaine Sallies Viognier 2008 (Languedoc, France) $11.99 - clean, beautiful wine. Nice and fragrant (which Viognier should be!). Unoaked.
  2. Domaine Sallies Chardonnay 2008 (Languedoc, France) $11.99 - not oaky. Sees some malolactic fermentation so it picks up a bit of creaminess. Lighter, cleaner style of Chardonnay!
  3. Schoenheitz Pinot Blanc 2006 (Alsace, France) $18.99 - I love this! Dry, minerally with nice fruit. This just screams for some shellfish, smoked fish or ham.
  4. Juan Luis Cana Rioja Blanca 2007 (Spain) $16.99 - Rich white from Rioja! Notes of stone fruits (peaches), vanilla and toasty oak! Also, hints of nuts, lemons and a crisp finish! Great with seafood paella!
  1. Domaine Begude Pinot Noir Rose 2008 (Languedoc, France) $15.99 - Another wine we love from one of our favorite new importers, Didier Boutet! Didier has some gems from great prices!
  1. Domaine Sallies Malbec 2007 (Languedoc, France) $11.99 - Really nice medium-bodied wine! This is a style of Malbec that is "dialed back" some from most Argentine Malbecs. Nice dark fruit, but its not "jammy" like some Argentine Malbecs nor is it oaky. You should try this and compare it to Geoff's Malbec and the Quattro!
  2. Porta dos Cavaleiros Reserva 1997 (Portuguese) $19.99 - When the new owners of moved into Porta dos Cavaleiros, they found this Reserva in a dark and dusty corner. It's just reaching its maturity! This is from the Dao region, Southeast of Porto. The label is made from cork. The color shows a little brick at the edge, which is appropriate for a wine its age. The fruit is more like stewed or dried berries than fresh. It has a little meatiness to it. Great with game, venison, casseroles.
  3. Vinedos y Bodegas Pablo Menguante Garnacha 2007 (Spain) $10.99 - This is more about being a subtle wine with dark fruit and minerals than it is being a "fruitbomb." They farm biodynamically. The vines are 80-100 years-old.
  4. Red Car Boxcar Syrah 2007 (California) $21.99 - This is a big, rich California Syrah without being to overblown! Loads of flavor! Earth, white pepper, dark fruit and cherries. About 25% of this sees oak.

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