October 3, 2009

Stone Vertical Epic 2009

Stone Vertical Epic Ale

A Californian Belgian-style Porter! With chocolate and orange and more! Comes in a 22-oz bottle. $7.99/bottle.

This is a big, bold beer made with a Belgian yeast that adds the tropical fruitness and spiciness that is typical of so many Belgian ales to the chocolate malt. They added dark candi sugar, vanilla bean and tangerine peel to complement the flavors of the porter. Think dark Belgian chocolate with orange! It's aged in French oak, so it picks up a toasted vanilla characteristic.

The idea behind the Vertical Epic Ales is that over 11 years (02.02.02 through 12.12.12), you will have 11 bottle-conditioned beers to try as a "vertical" tasting.

Here's what beer blogger, Lew Bryson, has to say about this year's Vertical Epic!

Stone's own blog gives us some background on the beer!

Limited supply! We bought a few cases and have one case left!

BeerAdvocate.com, A-, "Excellent"

RateBeer.com, 94 points