September 15, 2010

September Wines We Like


Several great things about wines from Devenish:

1 – you won’t taste the “tried and true.”

2 – he will expose you to the new.

3 – he’s as passionate and honest as they come!

The wines are from Lebanon and Uruguay and Argentina and a Pinot Noir from the Germanic part of Italy…..and more!

The Whites:

Clos St. Thomas “Les Gourmets Blanc” 2008 (Lebanon) $11.99 – this is a crisp, delicious white wine from a French family in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. Tropical fruit. Sauvignon Blanc acidity and crispness up front and at the end. The mid-part is all Chardonnay – fuller, rounder, green apple and pear. Unoaked. Clean. Fresh. Vibrant. Brand new to Maine!

Anne Pichon Trotinette Ventoux Blanc 2009 (France) Reg. $17.99, Sale $16.99 – Organic farming. 100% hand-picked grapes and all the grapes are destemmed before the crush. This means the wine is clean and fresh. 50% Grenache Blanc and 50% old-vine Clairette. The Grenache Blanc spends 3 months in lightly toasted French oak. The Clairette adds fresh, crisp, bright acidity.

The Reds:

Erste & Neue Pinot Nero 2009 (Italy) $19.99 – Beautiful Pinot Noir that is popping with raspberry and blackberry fruit, earth, and it has some spiciness underlying the whole thing. Good Fall wine! Food pairing – roasted chicken, filet, and grilled strip steak.

Kaleido Bonarda “Vista Flores” 2009 (Argentina) $17.99 - Excellent wine! Beautiful, dark purple color with hints of blue. Nice berries in the nose with a touch of anise/licorice (I hate licorice candy, but I like subtle, judicious hints of it in wine). Flavors of red & dark berries & touches of peppery spice & earth. It's juicy with hints of mint. Medium long finish with nice berry fruit. Fermented and aged in stainless steel. 800 cases made. Organic farming. Food pairing - grilled meats, roasts, mushroom dishes, Thanksgiving Dinner, drinks well on its own!

St. Thomas “Les Gourmets Rouge” 2007 (Lebanon) $11.99 – This has that great combination of fruit and earth! Spicy. A little earth. Very Mediterranean. Ripe fruit. A little dried fruit to the wine! I love this! Blend of Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Cinsault! The vineyard is 3,000 feet above sea-level. Brand new to Maine!

Tensley Syrah “Tierra Alta” 2008 (California) $44.99 – Each year, Joey Tensley keeps making some of the biggest, best, most exuberant wines from the Santa Barbara area. This is no exception. When the reviews get around to it….it will garner 93-95 points. It’s big, lush, dark and rich. Not for the faint of heart.

The Dessert:

Ned manages to ferret out the most obscure and best dessert wines! If for no other reason – when Ned is involved, you should come and buy the dessert wine!

Vinedo de los Vientos “Alcyone” Tannat Dessert Wine (Uruguay) $34.99 – this is one odd, obscure whacked-out idea for a dessert wine! Tannat….from Uruguay! My first thought was, “What?” Then, “Why?” Then, “Wait….this is cool……wait….WOW!” Up at Doug’s from SOPO we soaked marshmallows in good bourbon. Then we roasted them over the fire….slowly….no burning…..THEN we stuck said marshmallows in really good chocolate sauce made by a pastry chef…..then we ate them! If we could have added a little raspberry and fig to the taste…….that would be this wine!


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