November 1, 2010

Eberle Wine Tasting

Eberle Winery Tasting

Saturday, Nov. 13th

Eberle Winery is one of my favorite wineries.

Eberle is in Paso Robles. Gary Eberle helped co-found the Paso Robles appellation in 1980 and opened the doors of his winery in 1983.

One of the things I like about Eberle wines is they are balanced.....not too oaky, not too high in alcohol, not jammy, not overblown.....they are big, rich, complex wines!

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The Whites:

Eberle Chardonnay 2009 Reg. $19.99, Sale $17.99 - Fruit flavors of crisp green apple, pear, and lemon zest with a hint of toasted oak, along with a creamy mid-palate will leave a lasting impression in your mouth. 2/3 of this is aged in oak barrels, 25% of the barrels are new. This part of the wine goes through malolactic fermentation. 1/3 is aged in stainless steel and doesn't go through malolactic fermentation. 2009 was a great vintage in Paso Robles. Food pairing - grilled shellfish, scallops, and fresh salads, guacamole and chips or dry aged cheeses. Rich and buttery dishes, chicken with a cream sauce, linguine and clams, or a salmon and wild mushroom risotto. 93 points,, Robert Whitley

Eberle Viognier 2009 $24.99 - One of the things I like about this Viognier is I don't taste the alcohol in it - too often, with California Viognier, I taste the alcohol in it. This has great aromas and flavors of honeysuckle, stone fruit, melons, candied ginger and more. This is from the Mill Road Vineyard. 1/3 of the wine is aged in stainless steel with no malolactic fermentation. 1/3 of the wine is aged in neutral oak and the lees are stirred twice a week to add richness to the texture. The remaining wine is aged in neutral oak sur lie and this adds the honeysuckle flavors. 2009 was a great vintage in Paso Robles. Food pairings - The crisp acidity of our Viognier also balances out a rich and creamy pasta Alfredo, lobster bisque and grilled shellfish with garlic wine butter sauce in the most delightful way. Enjoy a glass of Viognier with a Triple Cream Brie, Piave cheese and roasted pistachio nuts. Best of Class/Gold Medal, Los Angeles Int'l Wine Competition; Best Viognier - Central Coast Wine Competiton

The Rosé:

Eberle Syrah Rosé 2007 Reg. $19.99, Sale $17.99 - This is a dry rosé with strawberry, apple and raspberry flavors and baking spices with a bright acidity.The grapes are destemmed and crushed and allowed to cold soak on the Syrah skins for 36 hours, so this is a darker rosé than most. A small amount of the juice is aged on Viognier lees to add floral aromas. The juice is then transferred to neutral French oak barrels for fermentation. 100% Syrah. 630 cases made. Food pairings - roasted pork, Thanksgiving Dinner, appetizers of roasted nuts, aged cheese such as Piave Vecchio and strawberries.

The Reds:

Eberle Côtes-du-Rôbles 2006 Reg. $24.99, Sale $21.99 - 2006 was an outstanding vintage in Paso Robles with a great, long harvest resulting in ripe berries. Aromas and flavors of earth, minerals, toasty oak and dark berries. This has good, softer, well-balanced tannins. This shows no alcohol heat. Blend of 47% Syrah, 29% Mourvèdre, 20% Grenache and 4% Viognier. Each varietal and vineyard lot is hand-harvested, destemmed and kept separate through fermentation. The wine is blended after fermentation and aged for 16 months in 100% French oak (20% new). 1,734 cases made. Food pairings - savory cheeses such as aged cheddar or Parmigiano, wild game (quail, squab) or a hearty beef stew.

Eberle Syrah Steinbeck Vineyard 2007 $22.99 - This wine defines Paso Robles Syrah - it's big, but elegant with flavors of black cherry, sweet vanilla oak and baking spices. This has a great chocolate finish. Fine-grained tannins. Reminiscent of a true Rhône wine, Eberle Steinbeck Vineyard Syrah is beautiful in its youth, but will age gracefully over the next several years! The grapes were de-stemmed. Half of the wine is aged 18 months in American oak (12% new) and half of the wine is aged in French oak (12% new). 1,439 cases made. Food pairing - red meats, winter stews, grilled meats, etc. TOP 10 Brunch Wines, Novus Vinum; 4 STARS, Restaurant Wine, Issue #128; 90 points, Wine Enthusiast

Eberle Cabernet Sauvignon Vineyard Selection 2007 Reg. $22.99, Sale $19.99 - This is definitely a California Cabernet, but it is not "over-the-top." Like all Eberle wines, it is well-balanced. This is aged 16 months in oak barrels. This has beautiful flavors and aromas of wild berries, cassis, currants and more. The tannins are moderate and balanced. Barrel aged for 18 months in a mix of American and French oak barrels of varying ages. 4,700 cases made. 100% Cabernet. Food pairings - lamb shanks, roasted duck, rib-eye steaks with blue cheese.

Eberle Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 $39.99, Sale $32.99 - This is a big, robust, well-balanced wine this has an “Old World” elegance. This has lush, dark berry flavors. Aromas and flavors of black currants, dark cherries and mocha. Velvety tannins. It has more vanilla aromas and flavors than the Vineyard Selection Cabernet. 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. The grapes were destemmed. Aged 18 months in 100% new French oak barrels. 2,394 cases made. This is the 25th anniversary of this wine. Food pairings - hearty dishes, grilled ribs, steak, roasted lamb.

Eberle Zinfandel 2006 Reg. $29.99, Sale $22.99 - This Zin is from two of Paso Robles finest Zinfandel vineyards, the reputable Steinbeck Vineyard and the Wine-Bush Vineyard. The Steinbeck Vineyard contributes layers of sweet briar fruit with hints of earth and minerality, while the Wine-Bush Vineyard contributes depth of color and jammy flavors of ripe blackberry, red raspberry with a peppery finish. The grapes are hand-picked and destemmed. The wine goes through full malolactic fermentation and is then transferred to American oak barrels (20% new) for 16 months. 2,826 cases made. Food pairings - hamburgers, grilled meats, spare ribs, meats with rich sauces. Gold Medal, San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition; Gold Medal, Lodi International Wine Awards; 3 Star,; 2.5 Stars, The San Francisco Chronicle

The Dessert Wine:

Eberle Muscat Canelli 2005 $18.99 - This has great sweet melon aromas and flavors up front. Aromas of orange blossoms, nectarines and mangoes. Crisp and semi-sweet with a clean finish. The grapes were whole-cluster pressed. The fermentation is done at a cool temperature. When the wine reaches the desired sugar and acid levels, the fermentation is stopped by chilling the wine to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The wine is kept chilled for about 30 days to let the lees naturally settle out.a The wine is then filtered and bottled. Food pairings - cheesecake, crème brulee and fresh baked biscotti, soft cheeses, dried fruits and nuts. Foie gras.


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