February 16, 2011

Sale - R. Stuart & Co. "Autograph" Pinot Noir 2007


R. Stuart & Co.
"Autograph" Pinot Noir 2007

Reg. $39.99, Sale $21.99

SOPO bought about 30 cases of R. Stuart Autograph Pinot Noir 2007 and it just arrived.....it's on a great sale price and I have 8 cases of it coming.

Why the great price?

Several reasons:
  1. The slow economy. Wine above $30 is barely selling anywhere in the world. Enough on the economy.
  2. The 2008 vintage is the greatest ever in Oregon and people are waiting to buy those wines. What they might not also know is that they are going to need to wait to drink them because they will need time to achieve greatness.
  3. The 2007 vintage was a challenging one....especially for people new to Oregon winemaking. Rob Stuart has been at this for over 25 years. He knows what to do when the weather starts throwing curve balls.

Rob Stuart was just here a week or so ago and we tasted through several of his wines with Doug from SOPO. The 2007 "Autograph" Pinot Noir stood out.

Will the 2008 be a greater wine? I'd bet money on it.

Would you prefer to have really good Pinot to drink now at a great price? I'd bet money on that as well!

Rob, a longtime veteran of the Oregon wine world, was formerly the winemaker at Erath Vineyards. He started his own winery in early 2002. Rob has a degree in biochemistry from Rensselear Polytechnic Institute in New York. He worked in chemistry briefly and then started in the wine industry at Hans Kornell (one of the California pioneer winemakers) in Napa Valley. Then he joined Valley View Vineyards (Southern Oregon's original winery in the 1850's) and after that on to Station Hills in Yakima, Washington where he made wine for ten years. Finally, Rob returned to Oregon in 1994 as the winemaker at Erath Vineyards - working for and with Oregon legend AND PIONEER Dick Erath. Now, he makes the wines he loves: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and sparkling wine!

He's as nice a guy as you'll ever met and as engaging and unpretentious as can be! No winemaker ego here! He's passionate about making fabulous, hand-crafted wines.

Why was 2007 such a tough year? It was a wet summer. Normally, it's a dry summer and the grapes ripen before the fall rains come. The winemakers usually harvest before the rain arrives. Well, the grapes weren't ripe and if you harvested at the normal time, the wine was so-so. Rob waited and waited. The fall rains came....and came....Then, they stopped on Oct. 23rd and Rob gave it time to dry out and ripen up.....and BAM! An excellent wine.

R. Stuart & Co. "Autograph" Pinot Noir 2007 (Oregon) Reg. $39.99, Sale $21.99 - This is the wine Rob considers his best and his signature wine. He says of the 2007, that is "made him feel like an Oregon summer." This is just drinking so well right now! It's from 4 vineyards - Weber and Winderlea in the Dundee Hills and Temperance Hill and Daffodil Hill in Eola Hills. It has great red fruit, floral and spice notes from the Dundee grapes. The Eola Hills grapes bring in blue fruit, mushrooms, earth, forest floor and add structure. This is aged 10 months in new to 7-year-old French oak barrels so it is not oaky. 1,657 cases made. Organic, sustainable and/or biodynamic practices in the 4 vineyards.

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