July 8, 2011

French Wine Tasting, July 15th

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Each summer, Ned Swain of Devenish and I love to get together and talk about and taste wines that are PERFECT for the summer months and seafood and parties and grilling and more.....and, we keep coming back to France......each and every summer.....we are a bit biased.....these are the wines we love.....and among the wines we find the most food-friendly.

So, the tasting on Friday, July 15th is going to be Franco-centric and it is going to be focused on summer!

The wines (at least....the wines at this point; more details to come):

The Whites:

  • Moriniere Muscadet - classic shellfish wine!
  • Touraine - Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley; if you are like me and you love Sancerre, but you don't like Sancerre prices, you need to try this!
  • Monmousseau Vouvray Sec - this is weightier than the delicious Vincent Raimbault Vouvray we have carried for years....it's also delicious, just a bit different!
  • Avinyo vi d'Aguiia Sparkling Muscat 2010 (Spain) $14.99 - Yes, this is not from France. It is too cool and unique to pass up! This wine will require that you chuck most of your preconceptions about wine (yes, we've helped foster them). You have to let go and just go with us on this one.....we're all about sense of place, wine as art, meaningful wines that say something AND wine is just grape juice.....But, just was we are not capable of working all the time (we try), we can't drink "serious" wine all the time. Enter this! This is a very enjoyable distraction. It's a pleasant diversion. It's also what all the cool kids will be drinking this summer! It's dry and not really Muscat-like at all. Effervescent and tasty!

The Rosé:

  • La Croix du Prieur Rosé Cotes de Provence 2010 - another wine store owner said of this wine, "WOW, HOLY ____! Did you taste this ____?! It's like sticking your face in a patch of perfectly ripe strawberries!"

The Reds:

  • Saint-Pourcain Gamay Pinot Noir - each vintage gets better and better and we are on a new vintage! Perfect red for summer,,,,chill it so that it feels just like you do coming out of the Maine ocean!
  • Domaine L'Harmas Cotes-du-Rhone - year-after-year, this is sublime! Powerful, concentrated, balanced, profound
  • Costieres de Nimes - juicy, ripe, summer, grilling!
  • A Bordeaux to-be-determined
Maybe something else....

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Great selection of wines. The prices are reasonable :)